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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The NY Post Finally Figures Out Christine Quinn Petty! Christine Quinn is also Corrupt!!!!

I know some gay people want an openly gay mayor so badly they are willing to vote for a woman who is no leader but a liar and a corrupt politician who sold her soul to developers and sold out The People of New York City because like Anthony Weiner and so many others power corrupts.  Power has gone to Christine Quinn’s head worst than the fake red hair dye she uses.

http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristineQuinnMayor#p/a/u/2/NNNgQX9whKg    Vote for Quinn if you want Mike for a 4th term running the City from the golf course.

Quinn Ms Slush and Intimidation
Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me Chrisine Quinn:

The NY Post finally woke-up!   I call Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation.  She is Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me who also thinks she is a ruler and she revealed that when she berated the NYDN reporter demanding she be called Madame Speaker.  Quinn has been sued 4 times for back rent.  She can’t pay her rent on time and she wants to be our next mayor responsible for one of the biggest budgets of a city?  Vallone was one of the biggest recipients of slush money when Mike Bloomberg was bent on stealing a third term and Christine Quinn helped me by selling the lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy.  Quinn helped her friends big time and now she and her life partner are moving in to a million dollar apt.  How much has Quinn’s parter and pals earnings increased since Quinn came in to office vs. how many more New Yorkers have been forced to leave New York, been evicted, displaced by eminent domain abuse, forced to live without a hospital in Quinn’s own district because the Rudin family bought Quinn.   I am surprised the NY Post did not get a quote from Mitchell Moss from NYU and on the Rudin Family;s payroll as well defending Quinn and Bloomberg who helped to get in office to protect the real estate magnates including NYU that pay him lavishly.  Take a look at Quinn’s list of donors. http://www.councilpedia.org/index.php?title=Christine_Quinn

Here is the Post’s very own exclusive that needs to be updated
http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_qYLZ6rCJMvOWcs0SncLl4L;jsessionid=16E68287DCE410FAB2FED303A6BE9F5F on Quinn and City Council running through slush money aka tax payer money for high priced lawyers including Sullivan & Cromwell the same firm Goldman Sachs approved by Quinn for her staff.

http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/07/12/2009-07-12_some_city_politicians_received_big_campaign_donations_and_tried_to_aid_developer.html  This is brutal and read about Quinn in the last couple of paragraphs.  Was the money returned to the People of NYC, the tax payers since the project was never built?  I don’t think so and she kept the kick backs aka known as campaign donations.

Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and went on NY1 and lied saying she was on top of CityTime.  No one was on top of CityTime unless it involved aiding and abetting theft and fraud all these years.

Was ironic note.  Vallone was a slush puppy as exposed by NY Post along with Simcha Felder and others who voted for a third term. How ironic Vallone is punished for being anti-Koch naming but it makes dollars and sense because Koch is on Mike Bloomberg’s payroll, Mike’s mayor doll the way Charlie Rose is financially supported by Mike Bloomberg and I call Rose his ken doll.  If you don’t get with the program expect to be punished by Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.   They even took Tony Avella’s parking permit away but Quinn and supporters in districts far closer than Queens had and have parking permits. Glad the NY Post finally figured out Quinn is petty and based on her rewarding Vito Lopez and his mistresses or girl friends, gal pals what ever...The NY Post has finally figured out Christine Quinn is corrupt finally got it?

FYI:  NY1 and City Hall News  and non-Quinn supporters including seniors shut out of debate between Quinn and her opponents for the city council seat last election.
NYU and The Villager turned away a handicap man, a senior citizen and a man of color repeatedly until my threats of putting them on YouTube combined with Norman Seigel and other community member out cries finally got NYU and The Villager hosting the Christine Quinn debate to allow him in but the did keep out NY1 who The Villager feared would be a rival since The Villager wanted exclusive video rights and The Villager and NYU backed Quinn and want her for mayor so they turned away City Hall news and many seniors who stood on line who were not Quinn supporters but all of Christine Quinn’s supporters and her staff members got in.  Pure corruption backed by NYU and The Villager and it was not democracy but the illusion of democracy.  http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=41EB928960389EE7