NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent lying receptionist Delita Hooks' running punch to me eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retiredhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christine Quinn Sell-Out Chew on This!!!!!! Parody part 1 and 2

and this

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1Jg01YOH5OA?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Saturday, December 3, 2011

USPS Sweeping Changes

http://m.nypost.com/;s=a7m18oPGKqUQJAAk0VDHm02/p/news/national/postal_service_looks_to_end_overnight_5XF4o4aXJ9k7WR6MHlVh1L The USPS loses billions a year every year!!! The USPS vehicles have no license plates because they chronically break the law and from time to time I post photos on my blog. Alan Dershowitz, since your sister-in-law dead, why don't you lead the call to demand license plates? How many people have the USPS run over in the last ten years?

The USPS illegal air sale to NYU at 120 East 12th Street where I lived for 20 years. The USPS legally had to Notify the State of NY when selling air over a historical site like St. Ann's from 1847 but didn't. NYU, The USPS and City of NY were in no way punished.

I support unions but not USPS who is like the NYPD so if the USPS union member is busted for a crime and proven guilty -- they must lose their benefits. That would be a powerful deterrent.

NYPD union made the change, so must USPS.

The USPS customer service makes Mafia look warm and cuddly. I give the USPS credit for going postal but not using a gun!! People don't want anything to do with such a corrupt organization that is abusive and disrespects Thr community as well as an air sale that was in the best interest of greed and stupidity -- not in the best interest of The People of the community.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New YouTube Suzannahartist: Mayor Bloomberg Cathie Black Emails!!! Scandal Like Mike's Emails To Haggerty!

New YouTube: Mayor Bloomberg Cathie Black Emails!!! Scandal Like Mike's Emails To Haggerty!

First rewind:  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2011/05/bloomberg-kick-back-how-cathie-black.html

Above the ny post article exposing new email scandal for Bloomberg and Cathie Black (out!)
and here is the ny post article exposing Mike’s Watergate Haggerty emails he refused to turn over!
Than Mike perjured himself in court more than once and the immunity Cy Vance gave him does not cover immunity!  I=Oopsie!     

Cy Vance to busy arresting innocent Occupy Wall Street Protestors and turning a blind eye to NYPD
wacking innocent protestors with their night sticks or fists!  The video footage of an NYPD officer 
punching a woman trying to hand him a court order to enter Liberty Park -- a court order
from a Judge -- staggering!
Cathie Black Playlist “Black Out!” by Suzannahartist

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boyland Charged Again! Wake-up from Community Board to NYC Gov to Albany!


One can only hope your corrupt asses face a day of reckoning a lot sooner but of course we have to depend on Manhattan DA or US Attorney and juries that don’t necessarily understand right from wrong.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rudin Condo St Vincent’s activists w/ Occupy Wall St Die-in

Note some Occupy Wall Street Health Care very spiritual and do not believe in any hostile expressions and negativity but to either “ignore” or “turn the other check”. I am not there.

The firing of a NY1 camera man for filming our protest Day 1 outside the Rudin Condo sales office, the constant harassment while attempting to protest which is my right along with the media black-out just like when we fought Bloomberg and his mini-me pushing through an illegal third term along with battling the other destroyer of the area NYU, pres. John Sexton and the worst most evil city planner Amanda the People’s Burden giving all her fellow 1% friends zone busting greens lights to supersize our communities crushing and destroying our neighborhoods is just too much with sacharin sweet sound bytes from that manure shoveling Mitchell Moss and NYU and Rudin flunkie is JUST TOO MUCH.

I felt horrified to hear about the police brutality down town. If you visit my main blog you can see me with a young Occupy Wall Street woman who stands with us for a moment by the Rudin Sales office and fills us in on the mayhem downtown including yet another NYPD officer punching a woman!

Exhausted and I have to take a bath and upload footage.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shredded Justice SEC Destroying Evidence Wall St. Crimes?


Mayor Mike Bloomberg Haggerty NY Post Judge DA Cover-Ups?

Read this piece I wrote. It is long and you actually have to use your brain and think. There is nothing new about media moguls and their roll in attempting to rule politics. Rent Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart. I feel like Jimmy Stewart with my YouTubes and blog postings most especially on Mike’s third term, Christine Quinn, CityTime and Haggerty.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bloomberg Mired In Corruption Protected By Media SAIC CityTime Covered Up More Than Written About

Bloomberg more than protected by the media in sharp contrast to Koch’s 3rd term.

Huffington picked up the Public being barred by NYU and the villager that happened to endorse Christine Quinn, Mike Bloomberg’s puppet and real estate whore. Reminder John Sexton, who earns close to 2 million a year not including perks to over see the most corrupt real estate land grabs and air space deals ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term. He backs Quinn as well because they will aid him in continued corrupt destructive land grabs and compensated by the tax payers who don’t want it. Tax payers are even paying for the infrastructure expansion for NYU and Cooper Union and Columbia U although New Yorkers don’t want them crushing their communities. The fix is in!!!

Some opponent Derr turned out to be helping Quinn to beat Kurland. NYU and the villager turned away NY1, City Hall News and seniors not Quinn supporters but all Quinn supporters got in. Go to YouTube type NYU the villager.

Whether it is SAIC or other big contractors where the fix was in as in no competitive bids are considered just like the over all media and ditto for politics like pushing through a 3rd term again with corrupt Christine Quinn making sure the public was denied a referendum with the help of city council corrupt cronies....

sure seems like the fix was in!

They are all kinds of behind the scenes deals that the newspaper/media wanted protected including by their owners.

Here is a short editorial from the Rockway Newspaper called The Wave that compares Koch's corrupt 3rd term with Mike's with mega-historic White Collar crime but the media is not giving him hell. Below also link on website exposing SAIC NYC scandal and includes my newest YouTube.http://m.rockawave.com/node/122713 http://www.evri.com/organization/saic-0x4e87e

Same question applies to Bloomberg and where are arrests City Hall and SAIC. For me - 2 words cover up,

Heard on the street: more law chimes in on SAIC, ....how many times must SAIC get scolded and skirt/twist around laws before being told to cease operations. http://www.natlawreview.com/article/dc-circuit-rejects-collective-knowledge-shines-spotlight-processes n United States v. Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC entered into a contract with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”) to provide technical assistance and expert analysis. The contract included strict provisions on conflicts of interest, including a requirement that SAIC seek NRC’s prior written approval if it had reason to believe that a proposed arrangement may raise a conflict of interest. SAIC subsequently entered into two contracts that potentially conflicted with its NRC work. SAIC had a computerized compliance system, but it did not capture all of SAIC’s business relationships and did not adequately associate keywords with descriptions of work. The descriptions were also incomplete. SAIC did not disclose the new contracts to the NRC. The NRC eventually learned about SAIC’s other work from a member of the public and terminated SAIC’s contract. The government then sued SAIC under the False Claims Act. blah...blah...blah then... Contractors would be wise to use every internal investigation, in particular the raft of internal investigations prompted by the mandatory disclosure requirements imposed by FAR 52.203-13, as an opportunity not only to reverse the monetary consequences of improper conduct and to punish those responsible, but to implement internal process improvements designed to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Improvements will not only demonstrate a lack of recklessness, but they will also catch issues before they become FCA concerns.

Monday, July 18, 2011

CityTime Crime is Up at City Hall

CityTime Crime is Up at City Hall
By Suzannah B. Troy artist, activist, YouTuber, Blogger

A young man and woman were  sitting on a bench in Washington Square Park  reading The New York Times so I politely walked up to them and asked if they were familiar with "CityTime".   The couple said they were not.   I can't say I was surprised but I was disappointed.  Mainstream media has done it's best to not report the biggest city crimes ever in NYC government history and all under our billionaire mayor, Mike Bloomberg who was supposed to be such a great business man and made a fortune with technology.

Reminder, main stream press also refused to report any opposition to Mike Bloomberg's run for a third term.

There are so many tech related scandals at City Hall from Board of Ed to the 2 billion dollars 911 Tech System called ECTP which may one day be revealed to be a bigger scam than CityTime but CityTime, for now remains  the biggest fraud, theft and abuse of tax payer dollars measuring a mere $780 million dollars only if you don't count the fact we threw away a payroll system that worked for CityTime, an Orwellian Time clock meant to save the city dollars from city workers stealing some time here or there but no one imagined mega-millions in theft by consultants.  It wasn't until some consultants from Spherion doing "quality control" on SAIC and CityTime got caught stealing $80 million in cash that anyone actually took notice and Dept. of Investigation was forced to do their job.  The head of Office of Payroll (OPA) Richard Valcich had written a whistle blowing letter in Feb. 2003  complaining about SAIC's work performance and over billing.... and when the City did nothing Valcich resigned.


Let's rewind.   Mayor Rudy Guiliani threw out AutoTime, a payroll system designed, created and run by NYC government workers.  An insider told me that AutoTime could have been expanded but instead Rudy brought in CityTime and.....SAIC which stands for  Science Application International Corporation.

Why would Rudy  do this?

AutoTime and NYC Gov. workers would be like a diner and working class folks vs CityTime and SAIC as in Elaine's and power brokers/networking as in Rudy had his eye on The White House.

Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

"Mega-contractors such as Halliburton and Bechtel supply the government with brawn. But the biggest, most powerful of the "body shops"—SAIC, which employs 44,000 people and took in $8 billion last year—sells brainpower, including a lot of the "expertise" behind the Iraq war."

Apparently although publicly owned SAIC top people include made ex-CIA and White House retirees....

You should know the estimated cost for CityTime was 68 million dollars, tax payer dollars and without any investigation from the Dept. of Investigation CityTime ballooned to over 760 million not including the costs of throwing out payroll systems that worked.  Reminder, the system was to prevent city workers from stealing but apparently way too many consultants lied on their times sheets and they stole millions and also committed fraud because despite what Mike Bloomberg says the CityTime system is rumored to be flawed and The NY Post reported the City is going to look at new systems.  

So Mike Bloomberg  takes over from Rudy Giuliani and the rest is history.  Mike Bloomberg is the king of outsourcing and it appears that many people he outsourced jobs to as he laid off NYC government workers were stealing.  One of the Spherion consultants showed up at a bank here in NY with a duffel bag filled with cash and the bank asked where did you get the cash.  Otherwise this might have gone on and on.  

Than came news that the owners of TechnoDyne yet another sub-contractor had high-tailed it to India but not before sending out a mass email to employees you are terminated and the Allens are now wanted and 450 million is in question.   A man connected to the Spherion theft has also left the country so that makes 3 suspects we may never get back here to NYC to demand justice.  Mike Bloomberg said we would get all 80 million dollars back the Spherion consultants stole.  So far we have only gotten 28 million dollars back.  Do you think Mike will right us the tax payers the difference if we never see the return of that money stolen?

US Attorney Preet Bharara 
“Unfortunately, in just a few months since the first announcement of arrests, we have developed evidence that the corruption on CityTime was epic in duration, magnitude and scope,” Bharara 

From the US Attorney Press Release dated:  June 20, 2011

"Alleged Criminal Scheme Extended Across Virtually Every Level Of CityTime Project; Contractors And Subcontractors Systematically Inflated Costs, Overbilled For Consultants’ Time, And Artificially Extended Completion Date."

There is so much more to this story to tell you including an infamous MTA SAIC deal that almost was and about SAIC's lobbyists that include Liz Holzman and Rudy's best friend, once deputy mayor, Peter Powers but try and digest this for now.  This is just the very beginning of a story that is still unfolding.

So why do most New Yorkers not know about this?  If a bank was robbed down the street from where you lived of let's say a 80 million dollars would you know?  Yes, but because it is tax payer money do people not seem to care or is it the New York mainstream media is doing it's best to suppress the news the way.    When  the 80 million was first revealed stolen by Spherion consultants doing quality control on SAIC for the CityTime project Mike's response was like a drug king pin pushing heroin.  He praised SAIC just like he pushed for a full renewal for SAIC last Sept. 28 which I, a community activist fought along with Local 375 that Union that brought this gross tax payer abuse to light quite a long time ago but no main stream press was interested except for Juan Gonzalez and his work was award winning.

We won and prevented a full renewal thanks to John Liu who is making history in every way that Mike Bloomberg and his comptroller Bill Thompson clearly failed the tax payers with CityTime not to mention the pension abuses including the pay to play scandals.

Mike Bloomberg was just forced to drop his enthusiasm for SAIC and demand SAIC give us, the People of New York City 600 million dollars back plus damages.  At first I was pleased but than when Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn, the head of Dept. of Investigation started doing their infomercials  stating CityTime works  I knew it was still  Mike Bloomberg, smoke and mirrors.   I use the word informercial  because the press refused and continues to refuse to  ask  Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn tough questions on CityTime and SAIC as well as the many sub-contractors yet to be indicted along with City government workers yet to be arrested.... I would like to ask Rose Gill Hearn when was the 1st time CityTime scandals and accusations against SAIC 1st crossed your desk.  Well NY1 did not ask her that.  No one in the press has.

I want 780 million dollars back plus damages Mike Bloomberg and I want Rudy's right hand man and Rudy himself to answer some tough questions but under oath.  There is no way Rudy should be running for President and ditto for Mike Bloomberg along with Liz Holzman, Bill Thompson and even Christine Quinn who brushed aside to city council investigations in to  CityTime brought by Council woman Tish James.  

Instead they should all be consulting with lawyers.  I just wish the tax payers weren't burden with their legal bill either.  We pay Mike Bloomberg one dollar a year but hopefully he isn't making us pay his legal bills for advise on his role in CityTime as well as breaking campaign laws.

July 18th, 2011 my newest post!
Read to learn more about possible RICO charges...how SAIC refuses to take blame and insists it is all Gerard Denault.  Learn about sub-contractors involved and join me in asking where are all the arrests at City Hall, SAIC and their other sub-contractors.

Bloomberg & Rudy’s Good Pals SAIC Busted! Pentagon Audit on SAIC!!!!!!! How about RICO charges Preet?

Bloomberg & Rudy’s Good Pals SAIC Busted! Pentagon Audit on SAIC!!!!!!! How about RICO charges Preet?

Look hard at Josh Margolin’s article and read the scathing news that confirms my belief that SAIC is guilty of racketeering charges and they were up to abuse/fraud of tax payer money way before Gerard Denault came in to play.  Listen to what I have to say in my YouTube as to why and a reminder the FBI was robbed and raped by SAIC as well before CityTime was brought in by mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Don’t forget the corrupt SAIC MTA that almost was and Peter Powers, Rudy’s best friend and even deputy mayor was the lobbyist for SAIC on that deal.  Another Rudy crony is also a big time lobbyist on CityTime and also the 911 tech system!  Surprise!

Thanks to the law firm that posted this article on why we could apply RICO!!!!!!

Preet Bharara when are we getting arrests at City Hall, SAIC and other sub-contractors not even mentioned in the news yet?  What happen to Jelly Bean referred to in the whistle blowing CNN Ireport?

Jessica Dewberry in front of SAIC asking for our money back pointing out CityTime does not work!!!!

Jessica with other NYC workers last year on the steps of City Hall stating CityTime does not work!!!!

May 27, 2010 with no law degree, business degree I figured out in a couple of hours we should not renew with SAIC and I made my 1st YouTube that said no renewal, we need a full investigation.  I dubbed CityTime the tax payers Titanic!

My dream come true.    Standing in front of SAIC NYC’s offices with my art work, Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, No Third Term, Is Democracy for Sale?” poster and toilet paper post-it that said : Ex-king of OutSourcing demanding 1 billion in damages x 3 for RICO for the People of NYC.

This is the largest White Collar Crime in NYC gov.  ever   and we have the biggest pay-out for NYC tax payers coming our way.................................

unless the 911 System aka ECTP is proven to be a bigger fraud with a 2 billion dollar tax payer price tag!

p.s.  I love this YouTube filmed by Louis Flores because you can see my friend holding up my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York which was and is a brilliant political art poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg that got zero coverage by the media almost like CityTime, the biggest white collar crime has gotten so little notice and so much more the media hesitates to report or just refuses to report!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The NY Post Slush Abuse! FYI Christine Quinn Ms. Slush & Intimidation!

Seabrook’s case is coming up finally but how many others are guilty of being “slush puppies” and puppies is a kind word.  I can think of another word.
Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn gave slush to city council members that sold their souls and the People of NYC in pursuit of a third term and denied the People of NYC a referendum.    Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation...Bloomberg’s puppet is already using slush money to attempt to win Mike’s 4th term with her as mayor.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNNgQX9whKg&feature=youtu.be

By the way, can we have a current total of what is Christine Quinn’s burden to the tax payers for her legal bills and the staff member’s name for those that she approved Sullivan and Cromwell, the same firm Goldman Sach uses and the firm is very high priced and specializes in White Collar Crime.
How about an App and a running ticker on NYC gov website for how much NYC politicians and staff cost tax payers in legal fees?

FYI:  We were told a rumor that Christine Quinn was going to announce she was running for her mayor at this fund raiser for her but she didn’t and maybe that was because she had to sneak in the back door of the hotel where they take out garbage?  

Her community outreach guy Tony Simone from Goldman Sachs...hmmm, what a surprise dropped the F-bomb at protestors honing in on Donny Moss who made the YouTube:  Christine Quinn: Behind the Smile which happens to mention slush fund abuse.

Tony Simone is Christine Quinn’s community outreach guy.  He curses protestors, sure hope he wasn’t on NYC. government time when he did so and maybe his community work involves getting money for Christine Quinn’s campaign which is breaking campaign laws so we sure hope that isn’t so.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Took only 8 million dollars for NYC gov worker to get caught stealing! Food Stamps


Corrupt Christine Quinn 4 mill for war chest but only mayoral candidate with cowardly back door entrance!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDdLBc-d-CQ&amp;sns=em video response. Quinn may lead but only mayoral candidate to sneak in back door used for throwing out garbage than enter front door past protestors including mecat 11 $ fund raiser celebrating Gay Marriage. Quinn is no Harvey Milk. Her nyc gov community out reach guy Tony Simone cursed protestor using F word. Was he on company time? Is that Quinn's idea of community outreach? He hails from Goldman Sachs so he is expert on community or Fbomb?

Did Tony the f bomber get Goldman Sachs to give Quinn gold.

She confuses tax payer money with being an investment bank. Explains her bailing out rich and letting a hospital close in the Wrst Village.

Rudin family big campaign donators.

Is Mitchell Moss working on her campaign or just schilling for NYU and Rudin family his bread and butter?  

Reminder John Sexton a greedy monster real estate magnate head for NYU has crushed our communities and ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a 3rd term and Mitchell Moss, Sexton, Rudin family and even the owners of the newspapers want Mike’s mini-me in office to protect their investments hence expect the same Bloomberg media treatment for Quinn silencing opposition and special treatment and Quinn is a crook.

p.s. Thanks for not asking Mitchell Moss the big time shoveler for Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn for his insight since he either works on their campaigns or has a vested interest since his bread and butter is NYU and the Rudin family. Check out the video on Quinn entering her own fund raiser at a hotel cowardly thru back door for garbage because she didn’t want to face protestor. Some leader. Figures her F-bombing dropping community outreach nyc gov. worker hails from Goldman Sachs. Rudin, NYU and GS people making donations to protect their interests and that is not the People of NYC but their own greed and Quinn is the perfect puppet. Vote Quinn if u want Mike for a 4th term from the golf course.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2011/07/13/2011-07-13_one_mighty_war_chest_quinns_4m_leads_mayoral_wannabes.html#ixzz1RyvDyiUv

Monday, July 11, 2011

Christine Quinn Sneaks in to Fund Rasier Gay Marriage Celebration Thru Back Door Tony Simone Ex Goldman Sach Current NYC Gov Quinn-ster Shouts F.CK Donny Moss A Quinn Protestor!

Christine Quinn wash Tony Simone’s mouth out with soap!  Is it appropriate for Christine Quinn’s Community Outreach representative to be shouting F-ck Donny Moss in front of all the protestors and people passing by.

Click on link and scroll down to bottom photo to see Quinn and her F bomb dropping Quin-ster 
Tony Simone!

MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011

Christine Quinn Sneaks in to Fund Rasier Gay Marriage Celebration Thru Back Door Tony Simone Ex Goldman Sach Current NYC Gov Quinn-ster Shouts F.CK Donny Moss A Quinn Protestor!


Wow Tony Simone an ex.. Goldman Sach worker not a Christine Quinn-ster at NYC gov.  better have been off the clock when he dropped the F Bomb and shouted Fu/k Donny Moss as he walked past our long line of protestors!   Quinn did not want to make the perp walk so she snuck in the back way through the entrance for hauling out garbage!  How appropriate since she is selling her self as a gay hero and she is not Harvey Milk.  She is embroiled in slush scandals, she approved Sullivan and Cromwell, the same high priced attorneys specializing in White Collar crime that Goldman Sachs uses.  Maybe Tony Simone suggested them because Quinn approved Sullivan and Cromwell for her staff.

There is Donny Moss and he does effective powerful work unmasking Quinn’s corruption as documented in "Christine Quinn:  Behind the Smile” .    That is Allan Roskoff to the right but he is not a Republican.  He and Donny are holding a “Jim Owles Liberal Democrat” banner.

There I am in my Christine Quinn  Slushgate shirt holding Christine Quinn Slush Fund liar poster.

Dream Downtown 363 West 16th Street Hotel
fund raiser and it was 11 dollars so we joked why didn’t we just pay and go inside.
It was so celebrate marriage equality but low and behold Quinn is not what she appears to be -- she is no gay hero but a corrupt sell-out.

Louis Flores with “Call Me Speaker,
Sell Out
Put Please don’t call me Ma’am!

Andrew Stein Belongs Jail

He belongs in jail and than he would lose the topee --- if twitter and facebook had been around when his Dad got him his political office he would have gone done like Anthony Weiner a lot but even faster in a ball of flames.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The NY Post Finally Figures Out Christine Quinn Petty! Christine Quinn is also Corrupt!!!!

I know some gay people want an openly gay mayor so badly they are willing to vote for a woman who is no leader but a liar and a corrupt politician who sold her soul to developers and sold out The People of New York City because like Anthony Weiner and so many others power corrupts.  Power has gone to Christine Quinn’s head worst than the fake red hair dye she uses.

http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristineQuinnMayor#p/a/u/2/NNNgQX9whKg    Vote for Quinn if you want Mike for a 4th term running the City from the golf course.

Quinn Ms Slush and Intimidation
Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me Chrisine Quinn:

The NY Post finally woke-up!   I call Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation.  She is Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me who also thinks she is a ruler and she revealed that when she berated the NYDN reporter demanding she be called Madame Speaker.  Quinn has been sued 4 times for back rent.  She can’t pay her rent on time and she wants to be our next mayor responsible for one of the biggest budgets of a city?  Vallone was one of the biggest recipients of slush money when Mike Bloomberg was bent on stealing a third term and Christine Quinn helped me by selling the lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy.  Quinn helped her friends big time and now she and her life partner are moving in to a million dollar apt.  How much has Quinn’s parter and pals earnings increased since Quinn came in to office vs. how many more New Yorkers have been forced to leave New York, been evicted, displaced by eminent domain abuse, forced to live without a hospital in Quinn’s own district because the Rudin family bought Quinn.   I am surprised the NY Post did not get a quote from Mitchell Moss from NYU and on the Rudin Family;s payroll as well defending Quinn and Bloomberg who helped to get in office to protect the real estate magnates including NYU that pay him lavishly.  Take a look at Quinn’s list of donors. http://www.councilpedia.org/index.php?title=Christine_Quinn

Here is the Post’s very own exclusive that needs to be updated
http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_qYLZ6rCJMvOWcs0SncLl4L;jsessionid=16E68287DCE410FAB2FED303A6BE9F5F on Quinn and City Council running through slush money aka tax payer money for high priced lawyers including Sullivan &amp; Cromwell the same firm Goldman Sachs approved by Quinn for her staff.

http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/07/12/2009-07-12_some_city_politicians_received_big_campaign_donations_and_tried_to_aid_developer.html  This is brutal and read about Quinn in the last couple of paragraphs.  Was the money returned to the People of NYC, the tax payers since the project was never built?  I don’t think so and she kept the kick backs aka known as campaign donations.

Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and went on NY1 and lied saying she was on top of CityTime.  No one was on top of CityTime unless it involved aiding and abetting theft and fraud all these years.

Was ironic note.  Vallone was a slush puppy as exposed by NY Post along with Simcha Felder and others who voted for a third term. How ironic Vallone is punished for being anti-Koch naming but it makes dollars and sense because Koch is on Mike Bloomberg’s payroll, Mike’s mayor doll the way Charlie Rose is financially supported by Mike Bloomberg and I call Rose his ken doll.  If you don’t get with the program expect to be punished by Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.   They even took Tony Avella’s parking permit away but Quinn and supporters in districts far closer than Queens had and have parking permits. Glad the NY Post finally figured out Quinn is petty and based on her rewarding Vito Lopez and his mistresses or girl friends, gal pals what ever...The NY Post has finally figured out Christine Quinn is corrupt finally got it?

FYI:  NY1 and City Hall News  and non-Quinn supporters including seniors shut out of debate between Quinn and her opponents for the city council seat last election.
NYU and The Villager turned away a handicap man, a senior citizen and a man of color repeatedly until my threats of putting them on YouTube combined with Norman Seigel and other community member out cries finally got NYU and The Villager hosting the Christine Quinn debate to allow him in but the did keep out NY1 who The Villager feared would be a rival since The Villager wanted exclusive video rights and The Villager and NYU backed Quinn and want her for mayor so they turned away City Hall news and many seniors who stood on line who were not Quinn supporters but all of Christine Quinn’s supporters and her staff members got in.  Pure corruption backed by NYU and The Villager and it was not democracy but the illusion of democracy.  http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=41EB928960389EE7

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Speaks Suzannah B. Troy’s Words SAIC Give Us 600 Mill back + Suzannah B. Troy wants even more!


http://youtu.be/ZE8gFFBSfPg Mike Bloomberg is speaking Suzannah B. Troy ’s words but I want even more money back because we threw away perfectly good pay roll systems which cost us even more tax payer money! When SAIC filed the 8K that massive red light and used the words that they were at material financial risk they knew what I was asking for and that was a full refund. Nice ex-king Mike is late to the game but finally asking for money back! Mike looked at my new blog and I included Rudy in the header because he gave us CityTime and SAIC which I dubbed the Tax Payers’s Titanic. http://bloombergrudynycgovsaiccitytime.blogspot.com/ new blog asking for full refund and payroll.

Bloomberg CityTime & More: Preet Bharara Part 2 New Letter From Suzannah

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg Anthony Weiner Liars?

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Anthony Weiner Liars Liars Pants on Fire?

I do not believe Christine Quinn for one minute but if she was a feminist instead of a sell-out she would have realized this is not just about pain caused to Anthony Weiner and his family but the young college woman who has made it clear she is deeply traumatized.  There are other people hurt by this and Anthony Weiner lying and blaming hackers is unacceptable.   Quinn comes off as completely insincere and Mike Bloomberg is thrilled that Weiner’s sexcapades are front page instead of the CityTime SAIC Tax Payer’s Titanic, the fact he was praising SAIC and now he was forced to cancel a 50 million dollar contract with SAIC while he threatens to close fire houses and harsh lay-offs are to come so both Bloomberg and Quinn are celebrating that a dopey internet sex-addict Weiner is front page news.

Quinn wants to be mayor and she has 3 million in her war chest but if she can’t be mayor she wants to be Manhattan Borough pres so she can continue to get the new york tax payers to pay her very high priced lawyer bills because the tax payers are Christine Quinn’s personal investment bank.  I say that because Quinn approved sullivan and cromwell the same firm Goldman Sach uses for her staff -- white collar crime defense attorneys.  Christine Quinn wants the tax payers to  pay her salary, her chauffeur bills for her and her life partner and her legal bills along with every perk possible.

sell-out liar corrupt politician who gets kick backs disguised as campaign donations in my opinion....
how is the slush fund investigations going because the legal defense bills for Quinn and gang are too damn high!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn are liars in my opinion and hears why!
1) remember the great lie -- Christine Quinn sold that we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us with the economy?


Well Bloomberg and Quinn did not help us with the economy has they and corrupt city council members pushed through a self serving 3rd term while denying us a referendum.  We have the harsh cuts but Quinn and her pals are making big bucks thanks to NYC gov is what I hear and look to developers and development deals like the  High Lineand how Quinn has helped her pals is gossip for now but I hope there will exposes coming soon.